Benicci Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Set of 2 - 100% HANDCRAFTED - Pure Solid Unlined Copper Mugs 16 oz Gift Set with BONUS: Highest Quality Copper Shot Glass and Cocktail Copper Straws

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Manufacturer Description

A Moscow Mule is not an AUTHENTIC Mule without Classic Solid Pure Copper. Your GIFT SET contains
2 Tankard 16oz mugs with FREE copper shot glass and cocktail straws. Order Now for better tasting Mules.

A Classic Drink Deserves A Classic Vessel
... Introducing The ORIGINAL Moscow Mule Mug

At Benicci we would never tell which cup to serve your drinks
... But we LOVE giving you the power to choose the BEST idea for you!

You may have already seen our favorite Classic Tankard Style Moscow Mule Mug. But today we wanted
you to meet The Classic TANKARD this is the next level mug the original Moscow Mule's were served in back in the 1940's.

Everything you see in this 3 Piece Gift Set has the authentic classic feel, and taste of the original Moscow Mule.

Your Boxed GIFT SET Contains:
? 2x Solid Copper Classic Tankard Mugs 16oz
? 2x Solid Copper Cocktail Straws
? 1x Solid Copper Shot Glass
? Solid 12-Month Money Back Guarantee

So we've made sure our artisans have created the EXACT REPLICA that you would find back in the 1940's!
? 100% Handcrafted. Copper Sheets crafted by human hands.
? PURE COPPER Cups with no added nickel, or tin linings
? Thick walls, and welded handles to avoid bacteria getting trapped
? Hammered and polished classic finish
? Easy to clean, and sexy to display.

ORDER Your Classic Style Tankard Mule Cups Now!

Product Features

? EACH ONE IS UNIQUE: 100% Handcrafted - as you know, that's what brings a true Moscow Mule to life. Your new Moscow Mule Mugs are simply beautiful, and beautifully practical. The polished finish ensures they always look perfect on display. Your Mule Cups make an exciting conversation starter. ? IN 1941 THEY USED PURE COPPER - AND SO DO WE: A Moscow Mule is not a true mule if the mug is lined in nickel or tin. You see, the solid copper mugs blend with the drinks lime acids, which tastefully infuses the Mule. Watch it frost up, and then melt back in time to when the Moscow Mule was born! ? COPPER MUGS SET OF 2 - 12-MONTH GUARANTEE & GIFTS WITH PURCHASE: Order your set of 2x 16oz Copper Mugs today and receive FREE, 2 Pure Copper Straws and Copper Shot Glass. Our craftsmanship is so perfect, you get a full 12-Month Money Back Guarantee. Order Now. ? ICE COLD DRINKS THAT DANCE ON YOUR LIPS: These Moscow Mule Cups are PURE copper and crafted to bring out the refreshing chill of the PROPER Moscow Mules. Fill them with chilled water, iced tea, beer, cocktails or soft drinks, and see those same frosty beads form, adding to the refreshing 'aaah' ? BRAND NEW DESIGN FROM BENICCI: Your brand new 100% Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mugs come as a gift set containing 2 Handcrafted Copper Mule Mugs, Copper Shot Glass and 2 Copper Straws. Contains NO nickel or tin linings. A tankard shaped design with polished finish and comfortable rounded handle (welded to avoid bacteria). Easy to clean. Up level your beverages today! Order Now.

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